Free Plastic Canvas Patterns for Minecraft

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns for Minecraft

Free Patterns, Tips and Tricks for Getting Started in Plastic Canvas for Minecraft

Let’s get started on free plastic canvas patterns for Minecraft! Here is some info on the patterns I’ve created specific to Minecraft.

General info and tips:

  • Most of the blocks will be cut and worked in 17 x 17 holes.
  • The cactus, chests, and enchantment table will have unique sizes.
  • The biomes (playmats) are 19 x 19 holes.
  • I’m still working on the Minecart system and entities.
  • The patterns should be easy enough to convert to cross stitch and smaller counts of plastic canvas.
  • Too many blocks to choose from? Here is a Starter Set to narrow it down. It also makes a great gift set!


  • It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete a block.
  • Each side of a block requires about 8 feet of yarn which is about 2 arm spans, for me anyway.
  • It also takes about 3 arm spans or 9 feet of yarn to whip stitch a block  together.
  • I like to use colored plastic canvas because the corners of the blocks tend to show. Plastic canvas, for the most part, should be seen on purpose not on accident! That’s my feeling on the subject anyway 🙂
  • When whip stitching a block, you may find it helpful to stitch the 4 sides together then add the top and bottom pieces.
  • Also when whip stitching a block together, don’t pull too tight or the sides of the block will become concave.


I use pattern design software from Plastic Canvas Design Studio.

My Minecraft patterns are more of a personal style, but if you want the more traditional designs you can use Minecraft Wiki and Novaskin Resource Packs, a skin editor which is great for getting a 360 degree view of blocks and entities.


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