Plastic Canvas Minecraft Biomes (Playmats)

Minecraft playmat in plastic canvas

My son loves these playmats er, I mean biomes. He likes to use them for more than just Minecraft play as well. When using gobelin stitches these yarn and plastic canvas playmats go very quickly and are a fun, no-brainer kind of project. I like to do them when watching tv.

If you haven’t yet, you’ll want to check out Getting Started in Minecraft Plastic Canvas for more tips.


He asked for grass, desert with cactus, and beach biomes.

Minecraft playmates in plastic canvas



Use any canvas size you like. It’s hard to tell from my pictures, but these are the largest sheets available which are 14″ by 22″. None of my local craft stores carry this size. My awesome mom found them for me while thrift shopping.

Each square is 19 by 19 holes to accommodate the finished size of the 17 by 17 blocks. I used ombre colors from Red Heart to mimic grass and sand: Red Heart Green Tones, Red Heart Sandy Print, and Red Heart Skipper Blue. The cactus colors are listed below with the pattern.

I’m considering making a rug out of them attaching the pieces together with Velcro and putting a nonslip mat underneath. The nonslip mat may hold them together though without having to use Velcro.

Some notes:

  • Each square requires a little over 3 arm-lengths of yarn. Stitching it square by square will make most of the playmats reversible.
  • The 14″ by 22″ sheet size is actually one row of holes too short, but rather than lose an entire row of squares I just worked with it.
  • I’ve included a pattern for the cactus squares, but keep in my the actual cactus block is a smaller size than normal blocks so the below pattern pertains to the playmats only.


Plastic Canvas Pattern for Cactus Playmat Square:

Colors used – Red Heart: Black, Hunter Green, Paddy Green

plastic canvas pattern for desert cactus playmat

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