Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Cactus

Well this turned out to be one prickly pattern. Pun intended! The Minecraft cactus is smaller in width than the other blocks but the same height. When cutting I forgot all about the size difference which was fine at first. I just cut the piece smaller, but I cut it all the way around instead of just the sides. Not really a big deal except I had already cut all of the pieces. Plastic canvas doesn’t cost very much, but for some reason I hate wasting it!

If you haven’t yet, you’ll want to check out Getting Started in Minecraft Plastic Canvas for more tips.


Aside from cutting it wrong, I couldn’t find the right green colors. My first choices were just yucky. Greens can be like that. My son ended up picking the colors for me because I was “taking too long.” So, I don’t have suggested yarn brands for you other than telling you what I used: Red Heart Hunter and Paddy Green.

The cactus pattern itself is straightforward, but here are some tips on creating the spines of the cactus.

First, we’ll make kind of a turkey loop using about 5 inches of black yarn. It looks more like latch hook.

turkey loop









Run your needle through the edge of the block where there are black stitches.

turkey loop on the edge









Use a pencil or similar tool to prevent the loop from being pulled through. Trust me. You want to do this.

20141016_084820 20141016_084908
















Remove the pencil. Loosen up the loop if you need to then pull the two loose ends through it. Your needle might have come out, but that’s ok when don’t need it now. Sorry, I couldn’t get a great picture of this part.

turkey loop stitch pulled tight









Pull it tight and snip the ends to about a half an inch. Any shorter and they get fuzzy  looking.










An extra step: If you want the spines to keep their shape and even seem prickly, you can dip them in watered-down Elmer’s glue after they have been stitched onto the block.


Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Cactus Block:

1. Cut 4 pieces with 15 x 17 holes on 7-mesh plastic canvas for the sides. Cut 2 pieces with 15 x 15 holes on 7-mesh plastic canvas for the top and bottom.

2. Follow the graph.  Yarn colors: dark green, medium green and black.

3. Whip stitch the edges of the finished pieces together using dark green. Stitch all of the pieces together until you have formed a block.

4. Use turkey loop stitch in black yarn to make spines along the edges of the cactus block where they are black tent stitches. There are 4 spines along each edge.


Top (need 1)

cactus top







Side (need 4)

cactus side








Bottom (need 1)

cactus bottom







Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia


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