Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Grass Block

I wonder if Steve likes the feel of grass on his toes?  Does he even have toes?  The grass block was the second block I made out of plastic canvas.  It turned out just ok.  My son informed me that there was too much dark brown.  The pattern I created is closer to the original colors though.  I will make a new one and post the picture; I’m just not feeling it yet.

If you haven’t yet, you’ll want to check out Getting Started in Minecraft Plastic Canvas for more tips.


I used Green Tones from Red Heart which I liked because the greens were a good match but also because the ombre allowed me to make a playmat/biome as seen in the picture above.  Using gobelin stitches makes the playmat project go pretty fast.  On the other hand since its one long piece of yarn, getting the colors where you want them on the canvas can get tricky.

I was initially excited when I found Earth & Sky from Red Heart Super Saver, but alas it has too much dark brown in it.

ombre yarn for biomes










Grass Blocks have several other hues as well.  I would say Red Heart’s Green Tones is most like Plains.

Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia







Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Grass Block:

1. Cut six squares with 17 x 17 holes on 7-mesh plastic canvas.

2. Follow the pattern. For the grass portion, consider using Green Tones from Red Heart Super Saver or a medium green as well as two lighter shades of green.  For the dirt portion, consider Earth & Sky from Red Heart Super Saver or dark brown, medium brown, light brown and a light blue.

3. Whip stitch the edges of the finished pieces together using green and brown respectively.  On this block, work from the bottom up attaching the bottom and sides with brown and the rest of the sides and top with green.  Stitch all of the pieces together until you have formed a block.


Top (need 1)

grass top








Bottom (need 1)

grass bottom








Sides (need 4)

grass sides









Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia

Minecraft Wiki Grass Block


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  1. This is really awesome. Thanks for sharing. If I find the time to make some of your patterns I will send you some links. Love everything I’ve seen so far 🙂

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