Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Mob Heads

They say five mob heads are better than one! I still don’t know why Steve is listed as a mob head, but he is according to the Minecraft Wiki. Speaking of Steve, his beard doesn’t translate to needlepoint very well so I left him without the beard. It also required a fourth color of brown yarn. I’m sure if you were using embroidery floss it would be just fine though.

The monster spawner goes great with these mob heads as well.


Plastic Canvas Patterns and Instructions for Minecraft Mob Heads:

1. Cut 30 pieces of 7-count plastic canvas 9 by 9 holes.

2. Follow the patterns. Whip stitch with corresponding colors.


Skeleton Head: Black, Medium Gray, Light Gray

Minecraft skeleton head plastic canvas pattern



Wither Skeleton Head: Black, Dark Heather

Minecraft wither skeleton head plastic canvas pattern



Zombie Head: Black, Medium Sage Green, Light Sage Green

Minecraft zombie head plastic canvas pattern



Steve Head: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blue, White

Minecraft Steve head plastic canvas pattern



Creeper Head: Black, Bright Green, Light Sage Green, Off White, Medium Gray

Minecraft creeper head plastic canvas pattern

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