Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Nether Portal

Hello there! Sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I started taking college classes this past spring, and they took up a lot more of my time than I anticipated. Not only that but the plastic canvas project I started was the largest one I have ever done. I hope to get as many projects posted to my blog before classes start up again in the fall!

This Nether Portal pattern is for intermediate to advanced needlepointers. Its large size means that it will take awhile and it can get fairly tedious. There are inside corners to deal with as well as the outside corners. The portal section itself works like a hinge for an extra fun factor, but it also has a minimal pattern in order to see through it which means the stitching needs to be kept clean so that back side will look as nice as possible. You could omit the swirls on the portal altogether. I even considered using a Sharpie paint pen. If you do draw the swirls on, please note it that regular Sharpies do not stick to plastic canvas. It has to be a paint pen.

Alex is going through the Nether portal.

open portal with Alex


About the main pattern. Because of it’s large size, I didn’t think my software could accommodate it nor would it fit on a blog page. But as it turns out all you really need is this:

Nether portal pattern template

It is simply a small repeating pattern just like the Obsidian block that it is suppose to be. I put a notch (haha Notch) in the lower right hand corner to remind myself which direction the pattern should go. Use it as a reference to stitch the pattern on your cut pieces. When starting a new section leave an empty row in between sections.

One more note. The sides will concave just a little bit. I think they look fine, but you can put fiberfill in it if you like.


Lay out the pieces in the order that they will be stitched together.

minecraft nether portal pieces


Stitch the outer and inner sides then add the front and back frames.


minecraft nether portal assembly



Update: I had a reader let me know on Facebook that I had the wrong dimensions for the Outer Sides.  I said they were 72 and they should be 92.  Thanks Crystal!  Sorry everyone!

Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Nether Portal:

1. Cut from 7-count plastic canvas:

  • 1 outer top and 1 outer bottom – 17 x 73 holes
  • 2 outer sides – 17 x 92 holes
  • 1 inner top and 1 inner bottom – 38 x 17 holes
  • 2 inner sides – 57 x 17 holes
  • 1 front frame and 1 back frame – 73 x 92 holes by 17 holes around
  • 1 purple canvas portal – 37 x 55

2. Follow the portal pattern using the continental stitch with light purple craft thread. Whip stitch the purple canvas to one of the inner sides.

3. Create a pattern template on a 17 x 17 square piece of canvas or print out the pattern to stitch the pattern onto each piece of canvas. Use medium purple and black for the pattern. Leave an empty row in between each repeated pattern section.

4. Back fill each of the canvas pieces with dark purple in long tent stitches.

5. Whip stitch the outer pieces together then whip stitch the inner pieces together. Lay the frame on top and whip stitch it to the outer section first then the inner section. Turn the whole thing over and whip stitch the final frame to it.


Obsidian Nether portal pattern template

obsidian pattern template








Nether portal pattern (need 1)

Nether portal pattern





















Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia


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