Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Oak Stairs

“Ah, my old enemy… stairs.” – Po Kung Fu Panda 2

These stairs kicked my booty! They seemed simple enough at first, but I will admit I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I started. I thought it would be the sides that would trip me up (haha), but no. It was the risers and treads. I had to restitch them twice. Once after realizing that theirs was not a repeating pattern but simply a plank cut in half each with a right and left side. Then it occurred to me that the two inner pieces needed to be one row smaller because of the way it gets put together. I also had to restitch the bottom of the block because its wood grain runs in a different direction than the back.

Feel free to put as much or as little effort into the pattern as you would like. You can follow the unique patterns for all 8 pieces or just put the knots and direction of wood grain where you will. I even managed to miss a few wood knots from my own pattern anyway.

Whatever you do, it will probably be best to lay out the pieces in an order that will you help you stitch them together.

Minecraft oak stairs plastic canvas pieces



Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Stairs:

1. Cut from 7-count plastic canvas:

  • 1 back and 1 bottom – 17 by 17 holes
  • 1 left side and 1 right side – 17 by 17 holes (cut away sections as indicated by pattern)
  • 1 top tread and 1 bottom riser – 17 by 9 holes
  • 1 top riser and 1 bottom tread – 17 by 8 holes

2. Follow the patterns for all 8 pieces using light brown and medium brown yarn. Suggested yarn:

  • Red Heart Classic Warm Brown
  • Red Heart Classic Mid Brown

3. Use light brown to whip stitch the pieces together. Begin with the larger bottom riser then add small tread, small riser, and finally large tread. Add the back and bottom pieces. Add the respective sides.


Top Tread (need 1)

Minecraft stairs top tread plastic canvas pattern





Top Riser (need 1)

Minecraft oak stairs top riser plastic canvas pattern





Bottom Tread (need 1)

Minecraft stairs bottom tread plastic canvas pattern





Bottom Riser (need 1)

Minecraft oak stairs bottom riser plastic canvas pattern





Back (need 1)

Minecraft oak stairs back plastic canvas pattern








Bottom (need 1)

Minecraf oak stairs bottom plastic canvas pattern








Left Side (need 1)

Minecraft oak stairs left side plastic canvas pattern








Right Side (need 1)

Minecraft oak stairs right side plastic canvas pattern









Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia


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    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been busy taking classes this past quarter, but now that they are done I hope to get more patterns up this summer.

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