Plastic Canvas Pattern for Smartphone Rug “45th Parallel”

These smartphone and tablet rugs are part of a new home decor series I’ve added to the blog. These are fun and easy and will make great gifts!


I love this picture which is more of a mistake, but I liked how the camera focused on the window reflection and not the rug or the phone.

smartphone rug reflection



I have called this one 45th Parallel for its invisible lines. It is a Bargello pattern in varying shades of gray, wool yarn.

  • It fits the newer, large smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Series and iPhone 6.
  • These are straight stitches (or long stitches) on 10-count plastic canvas.
  • I have attached a second piece of canvas underneath with pieces cut from a nonslip rug mat.

smartphone rug bottom



45th Parallel a Smartphone Rug – Pattern by Miss Kelley

Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions:

1. Cut 10-count plastic canvas 64 by 36 holes.

2. Stitch the pattern in 3 varying shades of yarn.

3. Cut a second piece of canvas 64 by 36 holes for the bottom. Attach small sections of a non-slip rug mat with embroidery floss or thread thin lengths of cut pieces of rubber band.

4. Overcast/whip stitch the 2 pieces of canvas together using the lightest color of yarn.
45th Parallel a Phone Rug

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    • Yes and no. The weight of the device holds it in place, but yes the soft yarn also makes it easy to pick up and put down the device. If it was a worry of the phone slipping off the rug, if it was on a small table for instance, we could add box-like borders on the corners. Perhaps I will make one like that next! Good thought!

Did you make it? Share a link!