Plastic Canvas Pattern for Smartphone Rug in Reds and Browns

I made a smartphone tech rug to go on my nightstand, so it is in my bedroom colors of reds and browns. I used a large rubber band to make feet. These help keep my smartphone stable when it is plugged into the charger which has a short cord.


tech rug with rubber feet



smartphone tech rug



It has a simple pattern of box stitches. Yarn used: Red Heart Super Saver Burgundy, Red Heart Classic: Warm Brown and Mid Brown.

Here is the pattern if you would like to give it a try.


Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Smartphone Rug in Reds and Browns:

1. Cut 2 pieces of 10-count plastic canvas 65 by 37 holes.

2. Follow the pattern using basic scotch stitch.

3. Thread pieces of rubber band through the bottom canvas to create feet.

4. Overcast/whip stitch the 2 pieces of canvas together with the lightest yarn color.


Smartphone Rug in Reds and Browns

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