Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Carrying Case

This plastic canvas carrying case is great for holding all of those Minecraft blocks you’ve been making! It’s meant to resemble a Monster Spawner. That must be one big monster!

The logo took a whole lot of tweaking, so I hope you like it. You can stitch it to the side of the Monster Spawner itself or onto a smaller piece of canvas then attach that piece with either a running or blanket stitch.

Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Monster Spawner Carrying Case:

1. Use 5 sheets of 7-count black plastic canvas.

  • Cut the height of the 2 long sides down to 60 holes and leave the width uncut.
  • Cut the height of the 2 short sides down to 60 holes as well and cut the width down to 70 holes.
  • Leave the bottom piece uncut.

2. Following the pattern, stitch the Minecraft logo onto one of the long side pieces.

3. Whip stitch the 5 pieces together using black yarn.

Basically, the sides of the finished Monster Spawner Carrying Case should mimic the size of the uncut bottom piece with the height of the whole case being 3 blocks high. You can opt to make the case taller however, so that it’s 4 blocks high.

Helpful Tip! Right click on the logo pattern and open in a new Tab or Window. Use Control ‘P’ to print and use the Landscape Layout option. Then print.


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