Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Small House Playmat

This plastic canvas playmat is an alternative floor for the Village Small House or Hut. You can certainly make the entire floor out of blocks of Cobblestone so that you get to incorporate stairs, but I find that kiddos also like the playmats.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but this is a large piece of 7-count plastic canvas. It started out as a sheet of 12 by 18 inches then I cut off the excess canvas. It has been my experience that this size is regularly available at craft stores.

The playmat itself is just matter of following a repeated pattern of cobblestone and wood planks. Please note that the actual floors for village structures are all made of cobblestone, but I liked the idea of wood floors.

Reminder! Playmats are in patterns of 19 by 19 holes to accommodate the finished size of a block which has 17 by 17 holes.


Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Small House Playmat:

1. Follow the pattern repeating it around the sheet of canvas until there are 24 blocks in total.

2. Cut off excess plastic canvas.

3. Whip stitch all around the edge.


Cobblestone Pattern for Playmats










Wood Planks Pattern for Playmats


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