Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Stone Bricks

In Minecraft, there are four variations of Stone Bricks which tend to be found in strongholds or jungle temples. They are also most likely what you would use to build your own house rather than Cobblestone.

The Chiseled Stone (the one on the far left) is a more detailed Stone Brick and as such was a fun pattern to stitch. I might use this for more decorative areas of the house like the doorway in the plastic canvas house I’m working on for Steve.

Here are plastic canvas patterns for Stone Brick and Chiseled Stone. There is no pattern for the Mossy and Cracked Stone. I just used embroidery floss for those and tried different patterns, so feel free to stitch them as you like.


Mossy Stone



Cracked Stone



Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Stone Bricks:

1. Cut six squares with 17 x 17 holes on 7-mesh plastic canvas.

2. Follow the pattern using yarn colors of grey heather.

3. Whip stitch the edges of the finished pieces together.


Stone Brick – side (need 6)









Chiseled Stone – side (need 6)









Images from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia

chiseled_stone_brickcracked_stone_brick mossy_stone_brickstone_brick

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