Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft Swords

The pen is mightier than the sword unless you’re up against a Zombie Pigman with its own sword, in which case I doubt it can read anyway.

Here is my plastic canvas pattern for the swords in Minecraft. It’s just the one pattern really, but there are five kinds of sword material in the vanilla game: wood, gold, stone, iron, and diamond. I think it’s also possible to smelt swords from silver and dark iron. Feel free to create a sword from your favorite mod or your imagination! I made one for my son that was an emerald sword.

When possible I like using metallic craft cord for the blades. Metallic cord can be hard to work with, so just keep an eye on the back side to look for kinks. Also, it doesn’t do too well as an overcast stitch.

If you stitch neatly and use the continental stitch, the back side will stay nice and tidy since it will be visible. Then I used Velcro attached to the back of the sword and to Steve’s hand.

Steve from Minecraft made from yarn and plastic canvas

Ironically, the most difficult part about the sword was cutting it out from plastic canvas. The sword itself is at an angle, and my software wouldn’t let me draw cut lines for it. Hopefully this picture will help as a guide.

shape of a Minecraft sword cut from plastic canvas


Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft Swords:

1. Cut sword shape from 7-count plastic canvas.

2. Stitch the pattern. Overcast the blade in the same color as the hilt and pommel.

3. Apply Velcro to the sword and Steve’s hand (optional).

Wooden Sword

plastic canvas pattern for Minecraft wooden sword








Golden Sword

plastic canvas pattern for Minecraft golden sword








Stone Sword

plastic canvas pattern for Minecraft stone sword








Iron Sword

plastic canvas pattern for Minecraft iron sword








Diamond Sword

plastic canvas pattern for Minecraft diamond sword








Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia

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