Plastic Canvas Pattern for Minecraft TNT Block

‘Cause I’m TNT. I’m dynamite
TNT and I’ll win the fight
TNT I’m a power load
TNT watch me explode

The trickiest thing about this Minecraft block was finding the right variations of red. I love working with yarn, but we definitely don’t get as many different colors as there are with embroidery floss. I rounded up all of my reds and chose these 4, and I wasn’t sure that they would look good together on the finished block but I’m pretty pleased with it.

The only other thing I want to point out is that I used cross stitch on the letters to make them more block-y looking.

Good luck on making the most dangerous block in Minecraft!


Plastic Canvas Pattern and Instructions for Minecraft TNT Block:

1. Cut 6 squares with 17 x 17 holes on 7-mesh plastic canvas.

2. Stitch the pieces following the pattern using four variations of red yarn.

3. Whip stitch pieces together using the lightest red.

Top (need 1)








Sides (need 4)








Bottom (need 1)








Image from Minecraft Wiki – Gamepedia

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