Turquoise Tablet Rug

Here is a pretty simple and simply pretty tech rug design in basic black and white with a turquoise Algerian plaited stitch overlay. The finished rug size is approximately 7″ by 9″ and fits the smaller tablet iPad Mini as well as most of the Kindles and all of the Nooks I do believe.

turquoise tablet rug



The fringe can be a bit tricky if you’re new to it. My fingers were sore after doing one end, so I waited until the next day to the other end. And for some reason, I found myself clenching my teeth together every time I had to wiggle the two threaded pieces through each hole. It was a tight fit and I needed to do it gently. So good luck and stay relaxed!

Also, I didn’t do anything to the back. Not only because the stitches used here allowed for a pretty reverse side, but also the weight of the tablet held the whole thing in place. I felt a non-slip rug mat was unnecessary.


Pattern and Instructions for Turquoise Tablet Rug:

Suggested yarn: Black, Soft White, Turquoise or accent color of your choice.

1. Cut 7-count plastic canvas 63 by 46 holes.

2. Follow the background pattern with black and white.

3. Follow the foreground pattern with accent color using Algerian plaited stitch.

4. Overcast the long sides with white.

5. Use fringe stitch in white (similar to turkey stitch or latch hooking) to finish the short sides.


Turquoise Tablet Background

Turquoise Tablet Background Pattern











Turquoise Tablet with Algerian Plaited Stitch

Turquoise Tablet with Algerian Plait


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